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Strategy & Consulting 100%
Creative Services 100%
Digital Marketing 100%
Media Implementation 100%
Brand Identity 100%
Print 100%
Direct Media 100%
DRTV 100%


Media Strategy and Implementation


In todays landscape of ever changing media options fighting for your consumers attention is more important than ever.  Our media team thoroughly investigates multiple media channels to find the right vehicles to reach your target audience. Whether your goal is to reach new or existing consumers, increase traffic, generate qualified leads or build your brand, our team will develop the right plan to achieve those goals.   Through the use of traditional media and NEW media our plans have helped clients grow successfully and rapidly.



Direct Response Media & Production (TV, Radio, Online)


Direct Response is no longer saved for the late night hockers of knives, snuggies, and exercise equipment.  Direct Response is now used across all categories effectively and efficiently to promote your brand and drive ROI based traffic.  Our dedicated team Direct Response (DR) experts are able to leverage the power of our long-term strategic relationships to deliver the most powerful media buys. . We capitalize on our 20 years of experience and passion for all things DR by delivering transparent results, identifying your most valuable leads, and driving sales.  In addition to media planning and buying our DR team includes production specialists who execute our print, radio, and television spots from concept to execution.


Business Strategy Consulting

We have years of experience with startups as well as revitalizing existing companies/brands.  As an agency our primary function is driving and retaining customers, but our unique experiences allow us to be a valuable asset in the areas of operations, product development, raising capital, etc. We have worked with many clients that have grown from startups to regional, even national, category leaders. We think like business owners and bring a big pick picture perspective to the marketing campaigns we deploy.

Brand Identity and Positioning

Your “Brand” is a combination of facts and feelings that your potential consumers believe about you. Through our discovery process, we determine if public perception of your brand matches your company’s key attributes.  We then set out to effectively differentiate you from your competition in a compelling and engaging manner.



Search Engine Optimization lies at the core of everything we do. Whether it’s building a new website, or simply maintaining a blog, proper SEO implementation is crucial in driving qualified leads and sales.

We pride ourselves in creating strategic SEO campaigns that are built to increase targeted site traffic. We also go to great lengths to make sure our clients can ‘speak our language’ and are educated about the SEO process. SEO should never be a mysterious “black box”.

We first undergo a comprehensive audit and research process which allows us to identify the current strengths and weaknesses of a website. From there we devise and implement an ongoing SEO plan focused on driving the right type of organic traffic to your site. Clients receive detailed reports that display the movement of each keyword targeted, as well as the impact on site traffic.


Paid Search & Display


Our team has extensive experience managing complex Pay Per Click (PPC)  and Display marketing campaigns for numerous companies across a wide variety of industries. We truly believe that our campaign research, set-up, and ongoing management strategies are proven to convert targeted clicks into quality leads and sales at a high rate.  With roughly 14 billion web searches per month, paid search is increasingly becoming the gateway to your company’s products and services. Instant search visibility allows you the distinct advantage of placing your offerings directly in front of users who are actively seeking them. The difference between an effective PPC campaign and one that simply empties your wallet is huge. Intelligent keyword research, landing page design, ad text creation and A/B testing are just a few of the many strategies we provide to produce optimal results and healthy ROI


Social Media Strategy


“What’s our social marketing strategy?” is the question asked most in company boardrooms.  We start with the question, “Is social marketing right for your company?” The truth is every company needs to have a social media presence but some companies benefit from full-blown social marketing campaigns, while others need a simple social presence.

If your company is ready to embrace social marketing, we will help develop a social strategy that RIGHT for you and actually impacts your bottom line. From coupon distribution to brand updates and announcements, we can leverage Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social media platforms to meet your company goals.


Creative Services


Concepts and messaging that influence, persuade, and engage are key to deepening connections between people and products, services, and brands. Our content creation approach is never “creative for creative’s sake.” Our job is to learn more about your business, your competition, and your ideal customers so we can provide the ‘right’ message to engage your consumer.

Public Relations


Our approach to Public Relations is the perfect blend of strategic and creative thinking.  By deeply understanding your business and communications goals we work with our PR specialists to create the best PR strategy for you.  We aren’t interested in sending out a press release here and there.  We work hard to develop the right opportunities that that allow your company to become the preferred brand in your category.


Print/Direct Mail


Direct Mail is all about Direct Response.  We focus on customer acquisition, activation, and response. We have access to highly targeted data from the top list compilers but we don’t stop there.  We use all the available data to create strategies that effectively target your best customers.


Client testimonials

  • "Some agencies are only one or two dimensional.  Create Impulse offers decades of experience in the areas key to growing your business.  They use all the available tools necessary to get RESULTS" Bill Dandy-Chief Marketing Officer formerly with Dick's Sporting Goods, Mattress Firm, Borders Books
  • "Corey and his team have been instrumental in the success of Sono Bello. From the very beginning he was a key advisor that helped our business thrive. Developing and implementing marketing strategies as well as helping to identify markets and service offerings. They go beyond 'clever' marketing to truly understand the business and what it takes to drive consumer engagement. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a partner to help promote and grow their business." Chris Par CEO-Sono Bello
  • "So many advertising agencies can talk the talk.  The bottom line remains results and providing an outside the business perspective.  Corey and team make sure you're not trapped in one media, wondering why you're not getting the results you had planned."   Theron Andrews-SVP Marketing Car Toys & Bartell Drugs